Wash Service

(Coming Soon)

Our newly build self-containing washing will be added to our service at the end of August 2018. Our boat washing addition will have on board a Reverse Osmosis water maker, heating unit and 200 meter of washing hose to ensure of cleaning any vessel in the water. Reverse Osmosis water will have all minerals including metals, chlorine and calcium removed from the water. Removing these impurities will ensure that your boat is washed with 99% of clean water hence this water is even cleaner than most bottled drinking water. Clean water washing with our product Wash ‘n Shine will ensure that after treatment the boat is absolutely clean, not stripped of any previous applied coating and will dry-up spotless. Especially in Spain the calcium level of tap-water is very high which in return will create white sports on the surface and once dried out very hard to remove calcium spots.