Polishing & Buffing

Polishing & buffing of boats is normally a very complex job but with the products of Cleanprotec this becomes a job with unbelievable results and almost no effort. Once your boat is washed we polish your hull and/or deck with Polish ‘n Sail with added coating, resulting in a clean, high polished and very shiny hull and deck. The added coating in the polish will start sealing the hull and deck the moment the product is applied. We in respect to most other companies don’t use any wax products on your surface, it is our experience that wax will only look good for a few weeks in our harsh environment before it starting to fade again. We apply after polishing our products Shine ‘n Sail to your hull and deck to seal the surface with a high dose of coating. Once applied and buffed your hull and deck will look like new again, maintenance is easy just wash the boat with Wash ‘n Sail which include added coating and your boat will start looking cleaner and brighter after each cleaning. The coating in our products are a high-tech silane-based coating absolutely harmless to the environment which will improve your boat surface to an unparalleled shine!